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Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme(IEIS)

The objective of the Scheme is to incentivize incremental exports. The duty credit scrip will be freely transferable and shall also be eligible for domestic sourcing.

-> An exporter would be entitled for a duty credit scrip @ 2% on the incremental growth (achieved by the exporter) on the FOB value of exports. Incremental growth shall be in respect of each exporter (IEC holder) without any scope for combining the exports for Group Company.
Exports made during the period;
(a)   01-Jan-13 to 31-Mar-13 compared to the prev period from 01-Jan-12 to 31-Mar-12 (Three months)
(b)   01-Apr-13 to 31-Mar-14 compared to the prev period from 01-Apr-12 to 31-Mar-13 (Full F.Y)
-> Incentive will be admissible only if the IEC holder has achieved growth in the FY 12-13 / 13-14 compared to FY 11-12 / 12-13 respectively. Quantum of benefit will be calculated on the incremental growth achieved subject to eligibility criteria given below;

-> The scheme is region specific and will cover exports to USA, European and Asian countries only (except exports to Singapore, U.A.E and Hong Kong) - for (a) above
-> The scheme is region specific and will cover exports to USA, European, Asian, Latin American and African countries only (except exports to Singapore, U.A.E and Hong Kong) - for (b) above
-> Transfer of export performance shall not be admissible for this incentive. This benefit is over and above any benefit being claimed by the exporter under any of the Chapter 3 Schemes, therefore, provisions of para 3.17.8 of FTP 2009-14 will not be applicable for such benefit.
-> For the purpose of the scheme, export performance shall not be allowed to be transferred from any other IEC holder. Benefit under this scheme will not be allowed to an exporter who had made no export between 01/01/12 to 31/03/12 or FY 12-13. The following exports shall not be taken into account for calculation of export performance or for computation of entitlement under the Scheme:
-> Export of imported goods or exports made through trans-shipment.
-> Export from SEZ / EOU / EHTP / STPI / BTP / FTWZ
-> Deemed Exports
-> Service Exports
-> Third Party exports
-> Diamond, Gold, Silver, Platinum, other precious metal in any form including plain and studded jewellery and other precious and semi-precious stones.
-> Ores and concentrates of all types and in all formations.
-> Cereals of all types.
-> Sugar of all types and all forms.
-> Crude / petroleum oil and crude / primary and base products of all types and all formulations.
-> Export of milk and milk products.
-> Export performance made by one exporter on behalf of other exporter.
-> Supplies made to SEZ units.
-> Items, export of which requires an export authorisation (except SCOMET), will not be considered.
-> Export of Meat and Meat Products.

For example,


Total turnover of exports to
the US, Asia & Europe

01-Jan-2013 to 31-Mar-2013

01-Apr-2013 to 31-Mar-2014

Rs. 3,00,00,000

Compared to

Compared to

Compared to

01-Jan-2012 to 31-Mar-2012

01-Apr-2012 to 31-Mar-2013

Rs. 2,00,00,000

Difference between above periods

Rs. 1,00,00,000

Incremental exports benefit @ 2% of difference
(Transferable licence value)

Rs. 2,00,000




Latin America


1. Afghanistan

31. Qatar


FY 13-14


FY 13-14

1. Albania

31. Moldova

2. Bahrain

32. Saudi Arabia

2. Andorra

32. Monaco

3. Bangladesh

33. Sri Lanka

3. Armenia

33. Montenegro

4. Bhutan

34. Syria

4. Austria

34. Netherlands

5. Brunei

35. Taiwan

5. Azerbaijan

35. Norway

6. Cambodia

36. Tajikistan

6. Belarus

36. Poland

7. China

37. Thailand

7. Belgium

37. Portugal

8. East Timor

38. Turkmenistan

8. Bosnia & Herzegovina

38. Romania

9. Indonesia

39. Uzbekistan

9. Bulgaria

39. Russia

10. Iran

40. Vietnam

10. Croatia

40. San Marino

11. Iraq

41. Yemen

11. Cyprus

41. Serbia

12. Israel


12. Czech Rep

42. Slovakia

13. Japan


13. Denmark

43. Slovenia

14. Jordan


14. Estonia

44. Spain

15. Kazakhstan




15. Finland

45. Sweden

16. Korea North




16. France

46. Switzerland

17. Korea South




17. Georgia

47. Turkey

18. Kuwait




18. Germany

48. Ukraine

19. Kyrgyzstan




19. Greece

49. U.K

20. Laos




20. Hungary

50. Vatican City

21. Lebanon




21. Iceland


22. Malaysia




22. Ireland


23. Maldives




23. Italy


24. Mongolia




24. Kosovo


25. Myanmar




25. Latvia


26. Nepal




26. Liechtenstein


27. Oman




27. Lithonia


28. Pakistan




28. Luxembourg


29. Palestine




29. Macedonia


30. Philippines




30. Malta



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